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Prairiegardens.ca is a Landscape Design site for Edmonton and across the prairies

This site includes pictures of Gardens, Plants, and Landscaping materials used in Alberta. As well as showcasing the landscaping of my company the Aruuki Artisans Group which creates gardens in northern Alberta.

Click on the picture to look at Landscape pictures

(Quick note if you are looking for the greenhouse go to prairiegardens.net)

The purpose of this web is to act as a complement to designs created by Kevin Napora B.Sc. Agric. of the Aruuki Artisans Group Inc. Click here for my Bio. To contact me you can go to the feedback page (bottom left-hand side) or drop me a line at aruuki@gmail.com

So often with other websites they showcase fantastic  landscapes using rare and expensive materials. The prairies have equally beautiful landscaping using materials that are readily available here. What I want to present are great looking yards, ideas and materials with samples of things you can do, that when put together causes the traffic to slow and nod its approval.

The plants on this site have proven hardy in Edmonton and area's Zone 3 environment. Most of these plants grow well from Edmonton, Alberta to Whitehorse, Yukon.

Click on picture to go to garden samples


I have tried to showcase as many of the materials used in today's landscaping. In regards to Landscape materials, a major problem with many books and magazines is that they are published in Vancouver or Toronto, and supplies sited are often not available. All the materials on this site are available in Edmonton. I have seen most of this material in Calgary, Saskatoon, Grande Prairie, and Kelowna. (I also do landscape designs in Kelowna B.C.)

All the gardens in the photos were either designed or built by the Aruuki Artisans Group and were created in Alberta.                              

Click on picture to go to waterfall pictures

To navigate through the site click on the tabs in the left hand panel. As well, I have links within sentences that are underlined and will take you to different areas in the web. To look at pictures, click on the picture. Your web browser will shrink the picture to fit on your screen. You can make the picture bigger by clicking on the picture again. This will allow you to look at it in greater detail. As I live and breath work in the summer I only update this website in the winter.

If you would like to send me an e-mail contact me at aruuki@gmail.com



In University, I studied as a horticulturalist. After specializing in herbs I went on in a career in landscaping and design. In addition to landscaping, teaching, and speaking our group also creates designs for both residential and smaller commercial sites.

Favorite Links

All information is either from reputable books or from my 24 years of experience of landscaping and gardening. I have put links to the sites that I have found useful and where information is reliable.



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